Super Model Kylie Jenner sex tape on the internet?

Super Model Kylie Jenner sex tape on the internet was reportedly posted on the singer’s website for 30 minutes.

Kylie Jenner is hysterical because an intimate video with her ex-boyfriend Tyga appeared on rapper’s official site for approximately 30 minutes before being removed.

Kylie’s sister Kim Kardashian gained worldwide fame for the sex tape scandal with singer Ray-J in 2003.

‘Tyga will not agree to broadcast it to the masses. Kylie is afraid that a sex video will get into the wrong person’s hands through one of his friends. He could upload it online to embarrass her,’ a source told the Daily Mail.

According to versions, Tyga was upset with Kylie’s mother, Kris Jenner, who allegedly precipitated the separation. The family has accommodated Blac Chyna, the singer’s ex, who is expecting a son from Rob Kardashian.

Also according to show sites in the United States, Kris Jenner approved of her daughter’s alleged new romance with Canadian singer PartyNextDoor.

The hot socialite and model bought a property worth $6 million in Hidden Hills, the same neighborhood where her mom and Kim reside because she doesn’t want to be away from them, TMZ reported.

There was a controversy over Kylie Jenner’s sex video on the internet in 2016. Was the video authentic? What is the truth behind it? Before we get into that story, let’s get to know some unknown facts about Jenner’s life.

Kylie Jenner sex tape at a glance

Kylie Jenner was the youngest billionaire in the world*(There is a secret truth behind this: Forbes cancels Kylie Jenner billionaire status). She is one of the representatives of the talented Kardashian family. She started doing business nine years ago when she and her sister Kendall launched their clothing line.

But the real success for Jenner was the sale of cosmetic sets through social networks. At the end of 2015, she launched her line of cosmetics Kylie Cosmetics. The first batch of which was sold out in 30 seconds. The path to the Forbes list was paved with a contract with an Ulta chain of stores in which Jenner sold cosmetics for $55 million in just six weeks.

If Kim Kardashian is the most important of the family, it is Kylie Jenner the richest. And by far! Besides, the young woman has a wealth estimated at 900 million dollars.

In terms of finance, she has already overshadowed Mark Zuckerberg. Besides, she is even richer than Beyoncé or Jay-Z!

Celebrity level, Kylie Jenner has nothing to envy her elder sister! Nor even her three other elder sisters.

Those who watch the incredible Kardashian family reality show do not need these presentations. His father is Bruce Jenner, a former gold medalist decathlete.

It is thanks to social networks that Kylie Jenner was able to build her fortune. A fortune estimated at 900 million dollars in the cosmetic industry in less than 3 years.

Indeed, it is thanks to its brand Kylie Cosmetics. Today, she is 3 times richer than her half-sister Kim.

She is even richer than Cristiano Ronaldo. Do you imagine?

It is therefore thanks to her strong community on social networks. The young woman was able to build a real empire there. Indeed, today an Instagram post of influences costs 1 million euros! But when it comes to privacy, how is it going?


On the heart, the love life of Kylie Jenner is quite hectic. That’s the case to say. In 2017, she met rapper, Travis Scott. A love story starts quickly.

Their relationship starts indeed quite quickly. Indeed, the young woman very quickly becomes pregnant.

She hides the pregnancy for a long time before finally revealing everything to his fans on the networks.

On February 1, 2018, little Stormi delighted her young parents. But it will not be enough. Indeed, the couple is going through a difficult period. A romantic break is essential.

Especially, the rapper would have cheated on the pretty brunette. In October 2019, they then formalize their separation.

Travis Scott then leaves the marital home. The two lovers unfortunately no longer trust each other and prefer to distance themselves.

During this period, fans speculate on their relationship. Besides, when Kylie was seen with her ex Tyga, fans even thought of a love triangle between the two rappers and the young woman.

A lot of time has passed since then. Indeed, today the little family lives together in a sublime villa in Los Angeles.

However, this remains an exceptional situation. Indeed, since the beginning of the health crisis, Kylie Jenner preferred to isolate herself with her daughter Stormi.

And so as not to separate his daughter from her dad, Travis Scott joined them. At the age of two, the little girl is already a star seed.

Indeed, her mom does not hesitate to share photos of her or family moments on Instagram. However, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott aren’t talking about getting back together yet. Today they prefer to limit their appearances in public.

Recently Kylie Jenner opens her mouth about sex life with Travis. In an interview, she revealed that everything is going well.

In one of the moments of the intimate chat, she commented on the theory that a couple’s sex life changes after having children, and thought of his case, which seems to be quite different. She expressed her point of view! ‘I feel like we proved that rumor is wrong.’

The owner of Kylie Skin argued that just because she is a mother, it does not mean that she cannot be sensual. She believed one thing has nothing to do with the other. ‘You remind me that motherhood and sexuality can coexist. Just because you embrace your sexuality does not mean that you have a loose moral or that you are not a good mother,’ she said. And she added: “You can be sexy and still be a mother *!” Didn’t lie!

As you can imagine, the two have a good relationship. Kylie also gave her hunch as to why the couple was so successful. ‘We think the same and we have the same goals and passions in life. Besides the fact that we have good chemistry, we have a lot of fun together. You are my best friend,’ she said.

Another reason for this, according to beauty, is that they are together in all situations. ‘For all the ups and downs that every relationship has, we have evolved together through them and become stronger,’ she added. But as not everything is perfect, there is a clear disagreement and fight between them: what to watch on TV!

Let’s get back to the sex video scandal.

The compromised material had not come to light, although a Twitter user claims to have a copy of the video- presumably recorded from the web- in his possession: “Guess who got the Kylie Jenner and Tyga sex tape before they deleted it from the Tyga (sic) website.”

After this incident, Kylie asked her ex-boyfriend to delete all the recordings and intimate photos of both.

‘Tyga is not going to give his authorization for the videos to be made public, but Kylie is afraid that they will fall into the wrong hands, specifically from one of Tyga’s friends, and that they will be the ones to post it on the internet. Very afraid that something like this will happen, especially if he thinks of speaking ill of Tyga. If the Kardashians begin to criticize him publicly, this could lead to something like this happening. Right now Tyga has a lot of power,’ a source explains to the portal Hollywood Life.

Kylie and Tyga received a juicy proposal from the producer Vivid Entertainment- responsible for the broadcast of the sex video of Kim Kardashian with her then-boyfriend Ray J- offering them $10 million in exchange for a sex video of theirs, although both ignored the offer.

Kylie and Tyga’s video that is now seen on the internet maybe not real. Maybe it is real. Who says?

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