Inside Famous Pamela Anderson sex tape with Tommy Lee

The Incredible Story Behind the Most Popular Sex Video of All Time

Inside Famous pamela anderson sex tape with Tommy Lee

Today we will talk about the scandalous career of Pamela Anderson.

Pamela was given a good example of profligacy and sensuality in the 90s.  But, the subject that was in the news at the time, nothing more than the pornographic video that starred with her husband Tommy Lee.

Sex scandal

Pamela Anderson was the one who started a series of banned videos that were the talk of news. The bomb burst in 1997. What the couple did during their honeymoon yacht vacation was fully exposed. After the scandal, it appeared that the video was stolen by an angry electrician who worked at her palace.

You could see the actions of the young couples on the home tape during a long sleepless of four days, where desire ruled everywhere.

Disaster announced

In response to the criticism, the couple said ‘they did not understand why it was such a scandal. It was just a married couple having sex video, something normal.’

Some people still maintain that the union was destined for failure. They quickly married only four days after the meeting. The blonde’s family did not accept such a situation.

It is important to note that the couple remained in the eye of the hurricane due to problems of family violence and addictions.

Scandals that ruin the career

Pam’s silicones helped make Baywatch the most-watched television series in the world. After this, she could not have a project that would help her grow as an actress.

However, she found another market niche focused on exploiting her undeniable image of blonde and sexy girl.

‘I think I came to be in the Guinness Book of Records with the most downloaded video ever. And worst of all, I was a pioneer in that regard. I started a trend that has served to make many girls rise to fame. Some of them are very sweet. I know they admire me, but they should never have done something like that. It is degrading.’ the actress told a news portal.


In the early 1990s, Pamela Anderson was the cover model for several magazines. Lush, eye-catching, and super sexy, having been a Playboy girl on more than one occasion, in 1992 she was summoned to participate as one of the Baywatch series lifeguards.

In no time, her slow-motion jog on the beach, with her iconic reddish swimsuit became an aesthetic icon that marked that era. It sparked the sexual fantasies of millions of viewers.

In parallel, the musician Tommy Lee was synonymous with rock. He was a co-founder of the hard band Mötley Crüe. He stood out with the drums and for his life always on the edge, among excesses, tours, and eternal night outings.

On New Year’s Eve 1995, the actress and drummer met at Los Angeles. However, it would be a few months later when the true ‘crush’ would have occurred.

In February 1995 Anderson was in Cancun, Mexico, for work. The musician decided to go see her.

The romance was unstoppable. Three days later they decided to get married. How it could be otherwise, on the beach.

There could be no lack of eccentricities or curious details at this wedding. There was barely attended by eight friends: the bride wore a white bikini instead of the classic dress. The couple did not exchange the typical wedding rings. Each got a tattoo on the ring finger with the other’s name.

In those days there was also no great display or a lavish party. The just married preferred to celebrate in privacy.

It was during those days, which also became a kind of abrupt honeymoon. They were recorded having sex, without suspecting that those clips would be part, over the years, of one of the most coveted and widely circulated erotic videos in all time.


Back in the United States, the couple decided to plan a life together. Among other things, they began renovating an impressive mansion in Malibu, California. They planned to spend the rest of their lives there.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, the couple spent a huge amount of money to build a kind of hedonistic paradise covered in heart-shaped glass and iron doors, a cushion room, a pond, a 20-foot-high mural of heaven and hell on the elevator shaft and a 30-foot swing in the living room among other things.

‘We turned it into a huge playground for adults,’ Lee wrote in his biography Tommyland.

But the work of the workers who participated in those arrangements was difficult. Anderson and Lee were somewhat changeable and they were not satisfied. They complained about the cost of materials and spoke badly to the workers.

One of those who had to suffer mistreatment of the couple was the electrician, Rand Gauthier. He fed up, decided to leave that house, and start plotting revenge.

One day after making the decision, Gauthier took his work tools with him and ran into the furious rocker. As he reported years later, the musician pointed a gun at him.

Outraged, the electrician accelerated his plans. According to Rolling Stone, who interviewed the electrician exclusively, Gauthier spent the whole of June and July 1995 preparing to give a big blow. He would break into the artists’ mansion and steal everything they kept in safe.

‘Gauthier says he spent the entire summer of 1995 preparing for the robbery, driving around the front of the Lee house for several nights sitting and spying, waiting until three or four in the morning,’ Rolling Stone said.

A few days before Halloween, the electrician decided to carry out his plan.

‘The details of exactly what happened the night of the robbery are at least incomplete. Gauthier seems to want to show himself as a rude man,’ the US outlet said.

As reported, the electrician easily managed to enter the mansion at night, around 3 o’clock. He did this under a white leather bag so that the security cameras that he had installed weeks before did not record his image.

The couple was sleeping in the house, but no one could hear Gauthier’s movements, as he moved through familiar terrain.

The man came to disconnect the security system and immediately found a safe, which he dragged into the garage.

There, since the walls were covered with a material that acoustically protected the site. It was the place where Lee kept his music equipment and occasionally played the drums, the electrician found refuge for a few moments.

Then he was able to leave the place and drag the box to his van, with which he escaped at full speed.

When Gauthier was able to open the safe, among family photos, jewelry, and an expensive watch, he discovered an unexpected element inside: there the Anderson-Lee couple also treasured the erotic video they had recorded during their first days of marriage.

It was about an hour’s audiovisual material that, due to the enormous popularity of those involved, was worth gold.

Gauthier first contacted big players in the California porn industry to see how that material could be marketed. And it had a world that was just beginning to emerge: the internet.

By 1996, ‘just 25 million Americans and 40 million people worldwide had internet access. But the web, with its seemingly anonymous transactions, seemed like the perfect black market to bring the tape to consumers,’ Rolling Stone said.

Anderson and Lee’s sex tape became popular in a matter of days, causing quite a stir in the media. So the couple decided to act and hire a private detective to investigate who was behind the burglary at their home and the leak of their private tape.

But, despite any effort, the circulation of that intimate moment of the couple was unstoppable.

Pamela Anderson recently called the video scandal ‘one of the most embarrassing situations’ in her life.

The artists tried to bring the matter to justice. They managed to sue an internet distribution company and earn more than a million dollars. They finally surrendered and ceded the rights to the most popular home video of all time to a company, to market it legally.

More than 23 years later, the erotic clips of that famous couple are still remembered. Somehow, that affair opened a new type of scandal and the leaks of intimate clips became commonplace.

Pamela Anderson had two children with Tommy Lee. She divorced the musician during a scandal that included a trial for domestic violence, still sadly recalls that episode.

‘It was that Tommy and I recorded absolutely everything. We were completely naked. And someone took that material, gave it a somewhat degrading title, and spread it around the world. It was one of the most embarrassing episodes of my life,’ she said.

‘It was devastating in every way, but especially for our marriage. It was very difficult for me to overcome such an experience. It was also difficult for my family, for my children, for everyone who knows me. It was very hard,’ she concluded.

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