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The 15 Best Oral Sex Positions for Women – Tips & Instructions

We can enjoy oral sex standing, kneeling, or leaning on one side. Would you like to know more about it? Want to know more about oral sex positions In that case keep reading, because below we will tell you how to get more out of your language with the best positions to practice oral sex.

oral sex positions for women which are widely recommended

Whether you do it often, this list will give you some ideas to use your tongue and body in sex to give and receive pleasure.

The mythical 69– Part of Best oral sex positions

69 is the most famous of sexual positions. Useful for warming up and fun for those involved. How to put it into practice?

  • Lie down so that your bodies are in the opposite position, with the head at the level of the intimate area of ​​each one.
  • Spread your legs well apart and bring your knees to the sides of your partner’s head.
  • Put out your tongues and prepare to receive and give pleasure.

The Elevator

It is exciting for them because of the sense of mastery they perceive. How to do it?

  • The man remains to stand, and the woman kneels to reach his penis.
  • She takes the male with one hand and masturbates with the other while looking at her partner.
  • He licks the tip of the penis and opens his mouth to insert it, while he places his hands on his head and follows the rhythm of pleasure.
  • In this position, neither has to play a specific role.

 The cowgirl

As its name implies, this pose erotically simulates the role of a cowgirl. It gives women the power to control movements and offers a close-up view of men. What steps to follow?

  • The male lies up, and the female knees, placing her vulva just above her mouth.
  • The woman subdues his head, taking him by the hair.
  • Next, he rides, mastering the sensations, the speed, and the depth.

This could be one of the most daring hugs. However, it is only part of an exciting fact that the couple experiences. What to do?

  • We position one of the two in front of his partner.
  • Then, he wraps one of his legs around the shoulders of the other, drawing his head towards his intimate part.
  • The other person practices oral sex in this pose.

The classic

He lies on his back and spreads his legs a little so you have space in between. Now you kneel in front of him and bend deep down to his penis to spoil him. Your partner can sit back and fully enjoy it.


Your partner will stand upright while you are devotedly crouching in front of him for the blowjob. You can not only take care of his best piece with his hands and mouth but also his testicles. Do you have a hand free? Maybe your clitoris is also happy about a little manual work on your part!

The Captain

He is sitting on the edge of the bed, the couch, or a chair; you kneel in front of him so you can reach all important parts well. He can open his legs a little. The great thing about this oral sex position is that he can watch you closely in everything you do.

Doggy style

In doggy style, the woman usually goes into the doggy position, where the man does it. In this position, the penis is not in the foreground, but the testicles, perineum, and anus are.

Deep Throats

In this oral sex position, your partner can penetrate deep into your mouth. If you are not yet adept at deep throat, start slowly here. You lie with your back on the bed and put your head slightly back over the edge of the bed. Your friend stands or squats in front of you from behind so you can blow him over your head.

The ‘Lazy Girl’

Your friend sits on the couch or the bed, you stand over him. Now you lower your pelvis until it is at the level of your face and it can concentrate entirely on you with your tongue and mouth. This position requires muscle strength in your legs to maintain the correct height. Your partner can also help you and support your thighs with his hands.

The Edge of Reason

You lie on your back in a relaxed manner, spread your legs, and bend them. Your partner kneels in front of you and places his head in your lap. To give him even better access when licking, you can put one or both legs on his shoulders.

The Face Sitter

At The Face Sitter becomes dominant! Your friend lies on his back and has no choice but to satisfy you orally because you just sit on his face (not with too much pressure). You can move your pelvis back and forth to provide variety. You have full control while he is delivered to you. A situation with which he can cope without problems!


In this position, he does not kneel in front of you for the best-known reason, but to spoil you orally. You stand upright and best bend one leg and place it on an elevation so that your partner can achieve everything well. Flexible people can also place a leg on his shoulder and support himself. This position also works from behind!


You sit on a chair, the edge of the bed, the sink, or wherever you want and open your legs. He squats in front of you while you can direct his head. You can put your legs down on his shoulders or stretch them out in the air for sporting activities.

Oral sex with a wow-effect: the best tips and tricks

Do you want to learn more about oral sex or are you looking for practical tips for even more fun? Then you are exactly right here!

With oral sex, it is best to vary and try different techniques to find out which is the most fun. The tastes are unfamiliar…

Licking: The tongue is smart, wet, and gentle at the same time. This makes it the ideal means to caress the partner particularly. The tongue can perform all kinds of tricks: it can circle, lick from top to bottom, vibrate … and much more, depending on your desire and imagination!

Sucking: The partner feels a gentle pull at the point in question. This technique causes special excitement, especially on the nipples, but the glans, clitoris, and even penis shaft and vulva are not averse to these caresses.

Press: the tongue, lips, and even teeth can apply pressure. The gentle to powerful pressure is usually extremely stimulating in the erogenous zones. You can also spoil yourself with your hands and mouth at the same time.

Nibble: The teeth are capable of anything- they can give you extreme pleasure. They can also hurt a lot! Here everyone has to explore the boundaries between pleasure and pain.

Small tools: an ice cube in your mouth for little Goosebumps. A little whipped cream and chocolate sauce to eat afterward? Try integrating a few goodies into your lovemaking. That brings a variety of sex life.

Oral sex and hygiene

Since you get close to oral sex, it’s polite to feel clean. This does not have to degenerate into excessive hygiene. Aggressive soaps and washing lotions are discouraged, anyway. The relevant body zones are sensitive! Stay away from intimate deodorants. Usually, a short shower helps and everything is fine.

It should also be clear: the own body smell and the taste are usually very exciting for the partner. If you’re afraid of not smelling or tasting good, you can start the lovemaking with a shower together.

Oral sex safety

Protection from sexually transmitted infections and diseases, such as AIDS, is important. Nobody should wake up the next day feeling uncomfortable because they haven’t thought for a moment. Ideally, take an AIDS test before having sex with a new partner. However, even if the AIDS test is negative, there is a risk of other sexually transmitted diseases!

Forbidden in oral sex

The imagination knows no limits. That’s right. But if you want to get closer to your partner in bed instead of offending him, avoid a few things. Here are a few examples:

1. Forcing gestures

Some men have their partner kneel in front of them at the fellatio and hold their heads to give them the rhythm they want. Some women find this uncomfortable because they feel that they are just an outlet for their lust instead of an equal partner. So protest if you don’t like his behavior.

2. Ejaculate in the face

The ejaculation in the partner’s face should only happen if it is the wish of both partners.

3. Doing gymnastics

With porn movies, Sex is not about doing as many and impressive positions and practices as possible. And it’s not about re-enacting a porn movie. Do what you like, but don’t put pressure on you to have to satisfy any ideal picture of oral sex.

4. Put the partner under pressure

Forcing someone to use a technique or having something done that they don’t like is not a sign of love. Love means giving the other one’s freedom- even if they don’t meet their wishes.

The importance of sex with the mouth

Along with penetration, oral sex is a popular practice. It allows you to experience and feel great pleasure. Besides, it is both stimulating and fun.

This mentioned are The 15 Best Oral Sex Positions for Women – Tips & Instructions for you

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