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26 Most popular sex games for android

Sex games are becoming popular in the world. These games are gaining popularity among the youth as there are opportunities to play them on mobile phones and tablets. However, it is very difficult to find Android porn games. We have done a lot of research and made a list of porn games for you. We will discuss these games in today’s article. Playing these games will give you more fun than watching porn.

We are presenting the popular sex games for android


We start with the list of the best porn games for Android somewhat strongly with Stroker@Zuzu. It is a game from one of the most important Android mobile sex pages: MiKandi. It is a game in which Zuzu appears, the sweet” of a boiling girl loves lollipops. If you like sex, it’s worth the risk.

Sex Roulette

This application is a good way to improve sexual relations by adding a random and playful component. It is indicated for heterosexual or homosexual couples because it allows you to configure the game according to the gender of each participant.

Desire- Game for couples

It is another option for those who want to add something spicy to couple relationships with various challenges, role-playing games, etc. It even has a scoring system with which you can compete and play various erotic games with your sexual partner.

My Selfie Story- Followers 100m

In this game, the most important thing is imagination. Do not expect too explicit images. Perhaps this application is more interesting for users who like Anime and innuendo.

Strong vibration massage for women

The vibration of the mobile phone can have many uses. Thanks to this application, it cans also an erotic toy. It allows you to control the vibration of the smartphone, both in intensity and in time intervals.

Erotic Dice

It is another application that allows you to play while having sex, or at least in the preliminaries. All this with a very careful design and the possibility of adding your games as different personalized actions.


It is no longer necessary to buy the Kamasutra book to learn all kinds of sexual positions. With this Android application, you will have them all at your fingertips to experience and improve sex with your partner. There is nothing like the ancient Hindu wisdom to achieve it.

Sexual Erotic Dice

This simple design application is one of the best rated on Google Play. Even if it doesn’t have erotic images or porn, it offers something to make people so happy. This game has many erotic actions of its own, but it also allows you to add whatever you want, to personalize it.

Hot Model Casino Slots: Sex and Slot Machine Casino

It is a version of the typical slot machines with spicy images, but with actual models. The best application to kill the bug to put coins, but on your mobile and without going to any bar.

Couple Sex Game

We could describe this application to add spice to our relationship. If you think you can ask more of your relationship, this sex game will allow you and your partner to write what you would like to do.

[Office Lover]: Dating games

If what you prefer is the stories and you like Manga, this porn game interests you. Its recommended minimum age of 12 may not be enough for those of us who need a little more. But if you like anime, you can’t miss it.

Couple Foreplay Sex Game

It has created a couple of Foreplay Sex Games to animate relationships as a couple. And it is that, if what you are looking for is to break the monotony or go one step further and your imagination does not allow it, this application can help you.

Relax vibrator

We think this app does not need a presentation. It is an app from which we will control the vibration of our device so that, especially women, it will tickle them.

Love dice

Simple and direct name, like the application it describes. These loving dice will help us decide what to do with our partner. We consider it one of the best porn games for Android.

IKamasutra and Kamasutra Premium

IKamasutra is better, and it is much more famous, but it does not hurt to add another option because each one has its interface and operation. Each one should choose their favorite application.

3D Sex Dice Lite

We are facing another interesting application to get out of the routine. These dice will tell us what we can do and, as in the previous application of sexual dice, our recommendation is to leave the shame in another room and do everything that chance asks us.

Club Velvet Rose porn flash game

It is time to be your adventurer. In this game, it is time to be your hero, someone’s explorer, your hiker.

AChat multiplayer date sex game

We can do almost anything at the age of powerful android mobile. The new games look like real movies and the main characters behave naturally.

MNFClub free fuck games

The growing popularity of free online fuck games proves that the new generation of internet users wants something unique and interactive to fulfill their passion for eroticism. We had a generation that grew up porn movies or videos secretly, and now we have a generation of an adult game like MNFClub free fuck games.

Sex and Glory Erotic Flash Games

Erotic fun and entertainment have taken on a new dimension with introducing erotic games. If you feel alone, you can spread fun and joy in your life with these simulations. Take porn and forbidden fantasies to a new level with the SWF Flash Games.

Pussy saga

How many anime did you crush? How many cartoon characters Crusher do you have? Here you find a lot of fictional characters and filth like real people.

3D Girlz 2 fuck simulator

3D Girlz is another version of the popular fucking simulator. It is aimed at all adult gamers who like to get a lot more than sex movies. It’s 100% interactive fuck simulator, so it’s up to you what you see on the screen.

Outcast Academy Sex game with naughty students

Outcast Academy is a really hot erotic game. It has full of horny babes who want to be fucked. Meet innocent girls, young school girls, ebony bitches, and MILF teachers. The game is about a live academy; your mission is to survive in a dorm for 50 days.

Big Bang Empire

The universe didn’t just come from nowhere. Or maybe it did. We are not entirely sure. In both cases, there was a big bang, which allowed it to form and from there everything else followed.

Sex gangsters

SexGangsters game is a new browser sex game.  You can play directly in your favorite web browser. It is not a 3D simulation with three three-dimensional models and interaction. It’s more of a sex adventure with lots of RPG elements. Build your character from scratch and become a rich fucker.

Crystal Maidens

It is amazing RPG trope that can make the players feel good. There are many people to hit in the game. There are many tasks to do that.

Adult games are now just a download away. Play the best porn games for android to buck naked babes. Just grab this high-tech mobile, search a little tap on, and download the best adult games. Even in the middle of a long walk to the office, there is an option to download and play Android porn games. From now on, you can have fun with sexy models wherever you live. Just download sex games and fuck all night! Till now this are the best sex games for android

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