10 Most Popular Celebrity Sex Tapes Scandal in all time

We are going to learn today Most Popular Celebrity Sex Tapes Scandal at all time. Who does not like to discuss the personal life of celebrities? And when frank details and even home videos appear in the media, the fans go crazy. We recalled the biggest sex scandals involving stars.

Kim Kardashian- Best Celebrity Sex Tapes

Kim likes to write everything bad, or good. Now everyone is discussing her recordings of personal conversations between Taylor Swift and Kanye Omari West. A home video appeared on the Web with the participation of Kardashian and her boyfriend Ray Jay in 2006. At first, Kim said it was a fake. She completely declassified herself, suing for interfering in her private life. At the Oprah Winfrey show, Kim admitted that this scandal made her work twice as hard to prove to everyone in the world. She is not a porn star and deserves respect.

Now Kim Kardashian is married to Kanye West. The couple has two children.

Paris Hilton & Rick Salomon

At 18, Paris Hilton was in the limelight. The scandalous reality show, drunken tricks at parties, and home video with Rick Salomon in one of the Las Vegas hotels. Rick leaked the video on the Internet. He could not help but boast of another victory. A little later he presented the video Night in Paris. Paris sued but did not receive money from the ex-lover. The prize in the porn’s field industry AVN Awards awarded the video three prizes at once.

Now Paris behaves much more modestly. For a long time, we have not seen her naked videos. The girl even started a family business and announced the creation of her hotel chain.

Britney Spears & Kevin Federline

In 2007, Spears after divorce from Kevin Federline did strange things. She attacked photographers and shaved her head. At the same time making excuses for the 19-second video in which she had oral sex with Kevin. Before the scandal subsided, the cutout photos, which show the singer’s bare chest, got onto the Web.

Since then, Britney Spears has overcome the crisis and return to the scene. She travels and shoots clips and advertising projects.

Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds

Scarlett Johansson married Ryan Reynolds. She sends him a sexy photo after a shower, and the hacker steals the pictures and released it on the internet. This story happened to Scarlett Johansson in 2009. The actress turned to the police with a request to find the offender. Two years later, hacker Christopher Cheney was caught and sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of $76 thousand.

In 2011, the star couple broke up. It’s not because of naked photos. They just moved on. Now Ryan is happily married to Blake Lively. Scarlett married Frenchman Romain Doriac. 

Kristin Davis

The series Sex and the City is frank, but no one expected such pictures from actress Christine Davis.  Her character Charlotte was the most modest of characters. In 2008, one of the ex-boyfriends Kristin sold to the tabloids a photo of their oral sex, made back in 1992. Oh, youth!

To be honest, Davis has never been a good kid. At one time, she was in the club of anonymous alcoholics. She had a lot of stories! Although after the birth of her daughter Gemma in 2011, the actress became noticeably calmer.

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee

Pam is one pioneer of the Home Made Video for all time. In the mid-90s, the entire world was studying a video in which she had sex with Tommy Lee. Despite participating in frank photo shoots, Pamela did not like this fame. She sued the Internet Company that distributed the record. The famous blonde got $90 million in moral compensation.

Recently, the star turned 52 years old. She has not been filming home videos for a long time, but she continues to take part in candid photo shoots.

Jennifer Lawrence and company

It was the largest stellar scandal in Hollywood history. In 2014, nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kaley Cuoco, Kate Upton, and about a hundred other celebrities got on the internet.

Many fans accused the stars of ingenious PR, but the celebrities had no time for jokes. They sued, called the police, but they never found the hackers.

Hugh Grant & prostitute Devine Brown

In the summer of 1995, a patrolman strolled along Hollywood Boulevard and noticed a swaying car. Imagine his surprise when in the car he found actor Hugh Grant and the prostitute Devine Brown. Everyone accused the movie star of indecent behavior and felt sorry for his lover, actress Elizabeth Hurley. The girl bathed in the rays of glory- went to television shows and even signed a contract with a small linen brand.

Now Hugh Grant is the lucky father of four children, two from the affair with Tinglan Hong and two from her current sweetheart- Swedish television producer Anna Elizabeth Eberstein.

Shakira & boyfriend Antonio de la Roi

In 2008, an anonymous source told the media he had caught a frank video in which Shakira had a threesome with her ex-boyfriend Antonio de la Roi, and Spanish singer Alejandro Sahse. Soon after, Shakira and Antonio broke up. They say that the scandal had a bad effect on their relationship. They never made the video public.

Now Shakira is happy with the football player Gerard Piquet. They raise two children. 

Lady Gaga

Lady Gage is no stranger to shocking the public. However, she was embarrassed in 2008. Her pictures were taken when she was engaged in or pretending to be engaged in oral sex with a woman roamed the covers and pages of the tabloids. The only couple of years, the singer could pull herself together and frankly admit- yes, she is bisexual.

‘Yes, I had sex with women,’ she said in an interview with Rolling Stone. And she said that all her boyfriends were not thrilled to learn about her bisexuality: ‘They were embarrassed by the thought we could have three of us, and they let me know that we were happy only with me. The third in our relationship wasn’t needed.’


American singer Kesha in 2010 was nominated for several prestigious awards in music. She even won the honor of receiving an award from the MTV Europe Music Awards. An extra surprise for the performer was the title ‘Artist of the Year’, which Kesha received from Billboard magazine. If there was a bonus for the hottest sex shooting at home, Kesha would earn it. In the spring of 2010, frank pictures of a star leaked selflessly making love to a bearded stranger on the Internet.

The man who leaked the incriminating evidence to Kesha posted one of her unpublished songs on the Web. The singer’s press attaché hastened to tell the press that she was not in the pictures.

Angelina Jolie

Some naughty photos produced the effect of an exploding bomb during the promotional campaign of the new Salt thriller. The writer Andrew Morton provided old pictures of Jolie from the time of her turbulent youth. The author writes of an unauthorized biography of the actress. He took a series of eight scandalous photographs of Angelina in 1999. In one photograph, they shot Angelina topless, with a joint in her teeth and a black belt around her neck. According to Morton, the photos were taken during a 14-hour party with heroin and marijuana. In other pictures, 24-year-old Angie appears in an even more relaxed form. On one, the actress is naked, and only a black ribbon glued crosswise covers her nipples.

On the other- naked Angelina sits on the bed, and from the toilet items on her- only reminiscent of a thong and a cowboy hat. It is no secret to anyone that Jolie had a turbulent past. She did not particularly hide it. Recently, however, the actress has been working hard to strengthen her image of a devoted wife, UN ambassador, and mother of six children. The incriminating evidence, which appeared so inappropriately, dealt a serious blow to Angie’s reputation.

Lindsay Lohan & Chris Brown

The scandalous actress Lindsay Lohan also appeared in a sex video. The shooting was made on the mobile phone of her ex-boyfriend Calum Best. The video turned out to be close friends of Calum. Then part of it got on the Internet. Friends of the actress then said Lindsay cannot even remember what the video was shot. Lindsay and Calum met in 2007, shortly before Lohan was in the rehabilitation clinic. Calum, the son of the late footballer George Best, is London’s famous womanizer. He has an extensive track record.

Rihanna & Chris Brown

The singer shot some bathroom pictures for her boyfriend, Chris Brown. Pictures leaked to the Internet immediately when the singer broke up with Chris. Either Chris Brown himself leaked them, or someone hacked Rihanna’s phone- we do not know it. However, with no doubt the images are genuine. The legal department of the label Rihanna sent complaints to several sites publishing the images demanding to immediately remove them. Besides, Chris Brown said that he did not upload these photos to the network. 

The moral of this fable: do not store candid photos on the phone. Do not forget to clean up your boyfriend’s computer if you will drop it.

This are topmost celebrity sex tapes of all time

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