Most popular bikini models of 2020

Want to know about bikini models? n anticipation of summer, brands and fashion magazines traditionally face a daunting task- choosing models for the beach filming. Only unsurpassed beauties and the best representatives of the genre were selected for this role, whose proportions perfectly corresponded to the current standards of beauty. By the beginning of the beach season,

We present to you popular bikini models of 2020.

Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie Seymour was considered one of the sexiest supermodels in the 90s. In the genre of beach shooting, few could compare with her. The sultry brown-haired woman and the owner of a gorgeous body drove crazy men of all ages and social statuses. Even today, after 2 decades and four children, Seymour haunts the paparazzi who hunt for her beach photos around the world.

Christie Brinkley

A woman without age, Christie Brinkley, is the most incredible beauty in the world. She is 66 years old, but does anyone believe that? The supermodel has always had a stunning shape. It was not in vain that her bikini shots in the 80s graced the covers of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue a record number of times. No other model has received such an honor.


In the golden era of supermodels, Cindy Crawford was one of the most brilliant beauties it considered whose sexual charisma unsurpassed. As for the bikini filming of the incomparable Cindy, the competition could only be Stephanie Seymour, but it’s not a sin to compete with that. Sensual brunette with an athletic physique, Crawford became the standard of beauty of his time: millions of women dreamed of such a body. Subsequently, the top model recorded the author’s training program to achieve the ideal form, which was a huge success around the world.


The take-off of the modeling career of the Russian beauty Irina Shayk began with a bikini shoot for Sports Illustrated. Since then all the brands of bikini have been engaging in a sexy top model excitedly. Mouth-watering shapes, luscious lips, cat’s green eyes- the appearance of a bright brown-haired woman in the frame are always an event. Few contemporaries can also pose in bikinis, like Irina Shayk.


For the magnificent body of the main ‘angel’ of Victoria’s Secret brand, Candice Swanepoel was nicknamed the Dream Girl. The blue-eyed blonde has been repeatedly recognized as the sexiest and most desirable woman of the living. All the flagship shootings of the brand trust her. She is the owner of a body without flaws. Neither man nor woman can take their eyes off the hot Candice bikini photos.


Gisele Bündchen never fit into the canons of model beauty but formed new ones. The appearance of a Brazilian woman with a bronze tan, organically combining femininity, sexual charisma, and bohemian chic looked. It is so impressive that she determined new laws of attractiveness. Millions of fans do not cease to admire the perfect proportions and athletic physique of Giselle, even after the birth of two children.


The burning beauty Isabel Fontana often participates in bikinis filming. In a bikini, a sultry Brazilian looks especially sexy. The supermodel once was in the ranks of Victoria’s Secret angels.

The top model is called a sex symbol not only at home but also around the world. Photographers idolize her for unbridled exotic beauty.

Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot is a top in the wind. With her 46 sizes, she worked for Forever 21, Target, Levi’s, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Old Navy… and the list goes on. During New York fashion week 2014, she became the first plus-size model to show for brands. Denise Bidot said, ‘There is no wrong to be a woman.’

Toccara Jones

Toccara Jones was the eighth candidate eliminated in the third edition of America’s New Top Model. She then signed with Wilhelmina Models in their large sizes section. Since then, she has appeared in campaigns for Avon, Target, New York and Company, Ashley Stewart, and Rocawear. ‘When people think plus-size, they assume it means overweight, fat, or unattractive. But I have met a lot of models of different sizes, and they are exquisite women.’ she told Voice-Online.Uk. As for me, I am a BIG size. I am fat, black, beautiful, and I love it!

Myla Dalbesio

By her standard, Myla is not a Plus-size model. With its size 42, it is not considered as thin enough for traditional standards and not strong either, to be a plus-size model. Her case helped the industry understand that the in-between sizes also existed. When she was the first plus-size model to become the face of Calvin Klein underwear, Myla remembers feeling disconcerted. According to her, the stores she frequented were not specialized in large sizes: ‘I was thinking of buying from’ normal stores,’ she told the Daily Mail.

Whitney Thompson

Since winning the tenth edition of America’s Next Top Model, Whitney Thompson has campaigned for JCPenney, Forever 21, Saks Fifth Avenue, Torrid, Converse, and Cover Girl. Still, she is the spokesperson for the National Eating Disorder Association.

Through this organization, she speaks to college students about the representation of their bodies, and their health. Whitney Thompson admits to having come to a long way and hopes for even more progress.

Tara Lynn

Lynn previously appeared in Elle Spain and appeared in H&M, Glamor, V Magazine, and more. ‘When you become an adult, you realize you don’t have to go into you don’t have to look and think like everyone else,’

she told Elle US Magazine. ‘At one point, I realized that I was not feeling well and that I had to regain control. It was a few years ago, in college, I lost some weight, I felt strong, beautiful, and I had regained control. After that, I had enough courage to go to an agency and realize that my body, my size 44/46 is beautiful. It is mine, and I feel good about myself.

Lorna Litz

The Puerto Rican star of Curvy Girls did this show to help others accept their bodies. Seen in the campaigns of Torrid, Kmart, Lane Bryant, and Ashley Stewart, the young model is just beginning to take his marks. When asked about her television debut and her bikini model career, she replied to, ‘People are realizing that most American women have many facets and that we should start representing each type of woman.’

Candice Huffine

 At only thirty, Candice Huffine did twice the cover of Vogue Italy. She also appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine, and W magazine. But the path was not clear for Candice.

She remembers having been failed because she was not thin enough: ‘an agency said to me: ‘if you lose 15 pounds, we sign with you’ says the model on Yahoo. ‘I thought, even if now I am not thin enough.  I am young and active and I do not a size 36… It’s crazy how sometimes an event will change the rest of your life. And that was the moment. I accept myself. My body is the size it is, I eat healthily, I work, and my weight doesn’t move. It’s that I am what I should be’.

Ashley Graham

The favorite model of the brand Lane Bryant made the cover of Elle Quebec. She also appeared in the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamor, and Latina. She also did the annual bikini advertising campaign for Sports Illustrated’s magazine. Under the slogan ‘You have it. Show it!’

Robyn Lawley

The Australian model, at size 44, Robyn Lawley, ran an advertising campaign in the same issue of Sport illustrated, like Ashley Graham. She was recognized as one of the three best models who made the cover of the special fashion of Vogue Italy in June 2011, the second large model to cover Elle France and the first plus-size model to be shot for Vogue Australia and GQ Australia.

She is also the first large model to cover Cosmopolitan Australia. However, although Robyn Lawley redefines our notion of bikini beauty, she is grounded by declaring to Time: ‘I don’t know if I consider myself a large model or not. I think of myself more than a model trying to help women accept their bodies.’

These are the Most popular bikini models of 2020

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