5 Most Popular adult product selling sites & Product Selection Guide

You are probably one of those who have spent hours of hours in front of the computer. You are going around the corners of the Internet looking for the adult product you want to buy soon. You go back to an endless number of sites without convincing results, leave, regret, and reenter.

We provide you a list of five best adult product selling sites

We helped you and provide a guide. We tell the best sites for you to do your adult product shopping. You save a lot of time on sites that in the long run. You will not hesitate to buy it on this website. Precisely as we are experts in Internet purchases, we made a top 5 of the best online stores where you can make your adult product purchases and collect what you have days of searching.

Amazon: It is the most popular online store in the world. Here you will find so many adult items that you can imagine getting on any other site. Just search for the product you like and bring it home. You do not have to worry about security. You can visit it at this link:

eBay: On eBay you find everything to buy and brand new adult products. Besides adult products, it offers a wide variety of clothing, electronic implements, books, furniture, etc. Besides, frequently, this site stands out for serving as an auction. The products come out with a price of, while the buyers bid on the item. This, in the best of scenarios, allows you to choose and fight for a limited product. You can visit it at this link:

Wallmart USA: and shopping at Walmart, on this site you will find all the adult items you are looking for with a greater variety and a better price. This includes several major sale categories for women and men of adult products, online games, digital products, mobile phones, health, and wellness among others. Get to know the online store at this link:

Rakuten: If you are looking for discounts, you will find the perfect platform to find what you are looking for with attractive percentages of savings. Amazon sells anything directly. But Rakuten allows sellers to reach the final public through offers and discounts. It is a ‘marketplace’ like Amazon, but the way of operating is different. Rakuten aims to be a bridge or link between companies and consumers. This is the web address:

Zalando: This is an online retail store specialized in the sale of adult products, shoes, and clothing for women, men, and children. It has a presence in most European countries. Despite starting as an online shoe store, Zalando also sells adult items, clothing, sporting goods, furniture, home décor, and beauty products. We consider it one of the best online clothing stores in the world. It is not for less since others characterize the company in the sector for offering free shipping and returns, large discounts, fast shipping, and good quality.

So now you know, nothing about aimlessly browsing the web, with this guide we provide you can go shopping online, easy and to the point.


Next few minutes you will find what are the main adult products sold in the above online store. We will give you some tips for your first purchase!


This may be the first question a person thinking about purchasing their first erotic toy. Do I go to a physical store? Or do I buy it on the internet? The main advantage of going to a physical store is two:

  • you can see and sometimes touch the product
  • you will have a salesperson who can advise you for solving your doubts

The cons are that you have to move around, take time out, and most times find parking (increasingly complicated thing). For many people, the cut of entering these adult stores or asking the clerk is a handicap that will make them always prefer to buy online.

Buying at an online sex shop has more and more advantages that we will list:

  1. You don’t waste time getting around.
  2. At home, relaxed, with no one looking at you, you can take much more time to explore products, to decide what you would like to try.
  3. Adult online stores have prices cheap.
  4. Nowadays, almost all online sex shops have an online chat service, where they answer questions and give you advice.
  5. It is much more comfortable to place your order and have it arrive at your front door 24 hours later.
  6. In many sex shops, you have 15 days to make any
  7. The purchases are usually very discreet, in boxes without logos, without references to a sex shop.
  8. In adult online stores, there are more variety and product references.
  9. You can read the actual opinions of other buyers. These experiences are the ones that will help you choose a product well.


The sex toys sector has grown exponentially in the last 10 years, with more and more brands and manufacturers designing and launching new, more elaborate, and more satisfying products. You can find products designed for well-being and health. Almost you can find anything you are looking for.


Quiet! We all ask ourselves that question the first time we want to try something new, but … The what? There are so many rare or sophisticated toys that you don’t know where to start. It is a tool to choose your first erotic toy.


One thing that you can find in the Loves Stores is sexy lingerie pieces. There is both male and female lingerie. There are garments for all tastes and sizes.


Both for women and men you can find dildos and vibrators in any store for adults. Dildos are normally without a vibrator. Vibrators can be of various shapes with different modes of vibration.


This is a brilliant solution if you do not know what to buy. There are kits already prepared with an assortment of very complete products to start in the world of erotic toys. These adult kits are ideal for a weekend getaway. You will have everything you need for a crazy, fun, and a very pleasant night!


Do you want a stronger experience? BDSM adult toys designed for fantasy and morbid play. You should always set some rules before starting and the end should be very pleasant for all participants. You will find from ties, handcuffs, masks, straps, whips, whips … to more extreme and daring things like nipple clamps, penis stranglers, etc.


For any sexual experience to be fully satisfied you will need some lubricant for sure. Have you never used it? Well, use it and you will see how something so simple and cheap improves your relationship. There are thousands of references when buying a lubricant. There are 2 large groups, water-based and silicone-based. Silicone ones are better but are often incompatible with condoms and sex toys.


Anal play is sought after by many people and couples. There are more correct ways than others to achieve it. To achieve this, it is always advisable to have some anal toys on hand for adults. These will help to correct the stimulation of the anus by causing a progressive and natural dilation.

Before starting to practice anal sex, it is ideal to play a few weeks with some toys. If you are already advanced, there are other types of larger or more sophisticated toys.


Masturbators for men are not the same as living an actual penetration. If you use a little water-based lubricant and buy a mid-range masturbator, the touch is super achieved. It looks like human skin and the experience is satisfactory.

In conclusion, there is a perfect toy for each couple and each person, you just have to find yours and try! Adult product selling sites is something important for the sexual life of any couple. Their use should be normal and widespread since sexual health is the cornerstone of an excellent relationship. Why not has fun? Do not think about it anymore and enjoy it!

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