Exclusive News of Lindsay Lohan sex tape

Innocent actress, Lindsay Lohan sex tape was released. A cute red-haired girl who conquered thousands of people around the world at the age of 12.  She had a promising career in the film industry. Many thought that it could become a star of entertainment.

A decade later, Lohan demonstrated that so much fame and attention can be detrimental. At just 22 years old, the young woman passed through a drug rehabilitation center and involved in sexual scandals.

Her life has passed in a dizzying way.

Loves of all kinds

To welcome 2008, Lohan kissed three Italians on the same night. She was also seen drinking something that in theory is prohibited after his rehabilitation. Then she posed naked in the Marilyn Monroe style for a magazine. She gained notoriety again in the middle with it.

Her nights of partying and excesses took her in the past to a rehabilitation center, where she was not spared from the scandal either. A ‘friend’, who later became her boyfriend, declared that the actress supplied her need for drugs due to an addiction to sex.

Also in sexual matters, Lohan exploded against her ex-boyfriend, Calum Best, who threatened to spread intimate images of both of them. Later, the protagonist was linked to another woman, DJ Samantha Ronson, who has declared herself a lesbian.

Lindsay has never accepted that she has a homosexual relationship with Ronson. People are linking her to the DJ and on several occasions, they have been captured together. Even during a party in Cannes in May, the couple was photographed very lovingly.

Without confirming such rumors, a woman appeared to declare that she was Lohan’s, first lesbian love. The actress did not speak about it in public for ending her career.

Courtenay Semel told a British newspaper that she and Lindsay had a very passionate relationship. When Ronson arrived, the actress forgot Semel.

Semel explained that after meeting each other, during a party in 2006, Lohan was confused about his feelings towards her, and from then on, the blonde related to different men to end her lesbian tendencies and also sank into addictions.

In Hollywood, a scandal continues to flare up around the list of her adventures published by actress Lindsay Lohan. The actor and director James Franco, who found himself in the moleskin of the famous brawler, quite ambiguously denies a connection with Lohan. As it turned out, the star seduced the actress when she was only 17 years old.

A list of actress Lindsey Lohan’s lovers appeared mysteriously on the Internet. She compiled during therapy in Rehab and has already managed to confirm its authenticity.

The list of sexual adventures of the red-haired beauty includes the names of stars such as Ashton Kutcher, Colin Farrell, James Franco, Orlando Bloom, Adam Levine, and Jamie Dornan.

In total, Lindsay’s love list has 36 names. Western tabloids have already noted that the girl has excellent taste.

The only one of these commented on the fact of communication with the actress- James Franco. The star of the movie Spider-Man still denies any connection with the famous brawler.

The Hollywood celebrity assures that there was nothing and could not be between him and Lohan, but he does it quite ambiguously. However, upon reflection, Franco admitted that there was still a kiss, but that was a long time ago.

‘We may have kissed. But this is nonsense. I can’t believe that she included me in her list, she’s so strange!’ Franco smiles. According to the actor, at that time he was 26 years old.

Lindsay Lohan was also recording her sexual relations and these have been posted on the Internet. Lohan performs oral sex with her boyfriend Callum Best.

The clips were sent to websites such as Egotastic or Pandeblog by some of his friends. The black and white video of very low quality was recorded with a mobile phone. In the video, the popular actress can supposedly be seen performing fellatio on Best.

Addicted to sex: Lindsay Lohan sex tape

Lindsay Lohan’s ex-boyfriends are creating the image of her as a nymphomaniac. ‘Lindsay Lohan is a nymphomaniac. She’s wild in bed, we had sex a couple of times during the day and she wanted to keep doing it at night’ said another boyfriend Riley Giles.

Giles also made sure that she replaced drugs and alcohol with sex: ‘She is very demanding. She always told me to do it over and over again. We did it for hours.

From heaven to hell in seven scandals

The controversial actress seems to have left behind a dark life plagued by controversies and surreal episodes.

Lindsay Lohan is one of those total artists who have traveled by elevator from heaven to hell with certain diligence, creating a personal brand based on controversies and scandals. She is an actress, singer, model, and businesswoman.

These are some of the scandals of the artist that will now serve to guide the lives of other people.

Drug user

Lohan began her career in television advertising at the age of three. The night confused Lohan, a lot. After countless parties on her inseparable heels, the first alarms went off when the actress voluntarily entered a rehabilitation center. The first scandal came 20 days later. She ran away from the center because she could not live without drugs.

Addicted to drunk driving

The words of one of her bodyguards describing her as one of the most dangerous people she had ever met. She has risked her own life on more than one occasion. One of the most talked-about chapters was in May 2007. She crashed her Mercedes while driving under the influence of alcohol. She had to face justice for the first time. A lesson that did not help her since, two months later, she was arrested again in Los Angeles for driving drunk, with an expired license and carrying cocaine.

Assiduous to jail

In November 2007, just a few months later, Lohan tested the harshness of the prison for an hour and a half. The media commotion that published some photos that went around the world with the legend: From Disney girl to recluse.

Explosive nude

Lindsay Lohan had to face rumors that she was also a sex addict. Many of her wild nights ended in orgies. The actress did not sit well with these comments. She decided to pose for a completely nude magazine, following Marylin Monroe for New York magazine.

Battered economy

Economic problems do not escape his life either. The artist went through a tough stage when she received a lawsuit for stealing, allegedly, $11 million. She tried to forget, after showing her hatred for men, having a relationship with Dj S Amantha Ronson.

Escape from justice

The truth is that this relationship ended up unbalancing it, and it reached 2009 in worrying conditions. Lohan’s concerns piled up, first with anorexia that was evident in some of her public appearances. She was denounced again for stealing jewelry during a photoshoot later. A year later, she had a mishap again, one more, on the road. She had to go to the judge monthly. It did not worry about her excessively since she went on vacation to France. The judge had to issue an arrest warrant against her.

The problems with the law to prevent him from continuing to do crazy things and not to leave Los Angeles ended with another surreal chapter. The actress was forced to wear a telematics bracelet that, beyond affecting her, used to wear pride in the city’s nightclubs.

Shrouded Whitney Houston’s body

Her worst moment came when parole was skipped and on July 20, 2010. She was forced to go to prison until August 2. Lohan was punished with social services to the community. One of them was working in the morgue where Whitney Houston’s body was found.

The strangest chapter was when he tried to shroud the body of the late singer. When she tried to rehabilitate herself, they accused her of assaulting an employee of the center where she was. She left there and entered for photoshoots.

Attempts by the family, justice, and other personalities to change Lindsay’s life were in vain for a few more years. The actress and model were again caught driving drunk, assaulted a woman in a bar, stole a necklace, and lied to the police, among other scandals that have made it one of the most controversial ‘celeb’ on the planet.

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