Beautiful Kendra Wilkinson sex tape

Kendra Wilkinson sex tape on internet, a former playboy model, announced she was pregnant with Hank Baskett, a US soccer star in June 2009. Kendra and Hank were married that same month. In December, they had a boy named Hank Baskett (IV) in memory of their ancestors.

So Kendra became a caring mother and a loving wife from a Playboy girl. But there it was…

The video company Vivid Entertainment announced its intent to release Kendra Wilkinson’s home video clip before the end of May. This video was received by a third party according to representatives of Vivid. They were confident they have the legal right to publish and sell this video.

Kendra declined to speak to the representatives of Vivid. She sends a notice to stop the video publishing through his lawyer. She said it was a private video containing “strictly confidential” materials.

It intended only for personal viewing, and not for public disclosure. Kendra did not deny that in the past she had led to a free life. She used drugs, engaged in self-harm, and was treated in a psychiatric hospital. She even talked on a TV show on channel E about her thriving youth!

The star admitted the so-called “dirty video,” but insisted that nobody had the right to publish it. However, Radar Online establishes that the Kendra scandal is false.

Kendra Wilkinson sex tape on internet

According to the editors of this site, she is just a part of the game, designed to receive fabulous profits. Kendra agreed to release a video and will receive $100,000 plus 50 percent of the proceeds from the sale of video.

Kendra’s sex partner’s name was also published in various media. They surprised everyone to hear the name- Indiana football player Justin Fry. This footballer had a childhood love with Kendra. They have been in love for a few years. They spent some time together in San Diego. They recorded videos of some intimate moments of that time. Later, this video leaked on the internet.

Kendra’s husband, the black giant Hank Baskett, gives no comments. Hank is said to have grown up in a conservative family. What will be his reaction in the publication’s case of the scandalous “home video” was easy to predict? The victim’s husband, American football star Hank Baskett, is furious. A tough guy threatens to break his legs to the person who made the record.

She also started her own business. There she sells various clothing items for housewives online. However, she could not concentrate on business because of various controversies. She has tried to continue her business even after her divorce from her husband.

She has another private sex video. She recorded with a friend, a certain Tarjin Ryan. ‘I am just ashamed. I’m an open person and I’m honest about my life, but a sex tape is not something I would like to see in public,’ said Kendra, who reportedly received $ 680,000 from the sale of the material.

Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Whether She Had Sex with Hugh Hefner

The blonde Kendra Wilkinson made scandalous revelations of life inside the Playboy mansion. The ex-little girl talked about her relationship with Hugh Hefner and maintained that she could only spend the nights with him if she was drugged or drunk.

‘I was very drunk doing those things. I was trying not to care much until the next day. I had to be very drunk or smoke a lot of grass to survive those nights,’ she confessed about her relationship with the old man 60 years older than her.

Kendra also said that she lived in the mansion since she was 18 years old. She did not know that sex was involved when she agreed to be one of Hefner’s girlfriends.

She also said that she slept in one of the smallest rooms in the house. ‘Every day I prayed that nothing would get me out of there,’ she said. ‘I just wanted to party, and I had a great time. It was very entertaining.

Hef asked me if I wanted to be one of his girlfriends and live in the mansion. At the time I thought: – I don’t even know what that means, but yes! I lived in the smallest apartment… I prayed that something would get me out of there,’ she said.

‘I moved out and a few weeks passed. I didn’t know they involved sex, because I knew nothing about Playboy. I had just graduated from college. He (Hefner, 78 at the time) asked me if I wanted to go up together to him, and I replied:  Sure, let’s have fun-,’ she added.

On whether they had thrown her out of the house if she had refused to have sex, the ex-little girl said: ‘You are not obliged. It is your decision.’ She added referring to the Hefner: ‘He sees the women who live in his house as relationships. Honestly? They all sleep with him. But they are also the best people.’

Dark past

On another occasion, Kendra confessed that from the age of 13 she experimented with drugs, especially cocaine. At 15, the paranoia caused by drug abuse had led her to think about suicide. She had to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

However, entering the hospital did not help much in his recovery. Kendra felt that it was worse than prison and from there she ran away with a boy with whom she lived lost in drugs. It was when she overdosed that she realized she could die and left that world. The former Playboy ex-girl, in 2010, had already released details of her ‘sexual adventures’, including her encounters with Hugh Hefner.

She wrote in her autobiography about the days she spent with Hefner. There is a lot of new information about the first sex in his writings. “A bunny girl asked me if I wanted to sleep with Hef,’ she wrote. I said without thinking, yes I want to.

I thought, when all the girls can do it, I can do it too. Girls one after another were having sex with Hef. Then it was my turn.

The night with ‘Hef’

“I was watching the girls have sex,” Kendra wrote of her first night with the Playboy owner. They were having sex for a minute. When it was my turn, it surprised me. I wondered how Hef could be so strong at such an old age. I just wanted to get lost with Huff. Hef paid $1,000 a week to support her girlfriends.

Kendra was with Hef until she fell in love with Hank Basket in 2008.

Kendra Wilkinson’s personal life

Before meeting with her future husband, Kendra did not have any serious story. Meeting the famous football player Hank Basket became the most important in her life. She quickly realized that it was with him she would like to start a family, but the girl took part in the Hefner show. Kendra Wilkinson sacrificed her successful career and took leave of Hugh. He did not impede her decision to leave the project.

He offered to play a wedding in his luxurious mansion. The ceremony took place in 2009, and six months later, Kendra became their mother and Hank of the firstborn who was named Henry Randall Basket IV.

Five years later, the baby Henry had a sister, Elijah Mary Wilkinson. However, the family life of the actress was not always cloudless.

During her second pregnancy, she found out that her husband was cheating on her with a transgender model and carefully concealed this connection. Once at the epicenter of the scandal, Kendra announced an immediate divorce.

But, having calmed down and considered, I gave Hank one more chance for the sake of common children.

Kendra Wilkinson After the birth of children, Kendra quickly regained its former form and returned to television. She continued her successful career, actively taking part in various television projects.

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