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How to fuck a Thai girl -Complete guide including sex price list

Want to visit Thailand? Want to know How to fuck a Thai girl? Today we are going to write a complete guide of how to fuck to Thai girl. Miramistin, chlorhexidine, and condoms- do not forget to put them in a suitcase if you are going on vacation in Thailand. However, if you are going with your wife or girlfriend, forget neither. Just in case, but you never know what. Because to go to Thailand and not try ‘something like that; it’s the same as visiting Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower. It happens, but rarely.

It all began in the 60s of the last century when the recreation centers of American soldiers fighting in Vietnam were located in many places on the beaches of Thailand. After the war, young and strong American guys travel to Thailand to relax in body and soul. These were the first sex tourists in Thailand.

Sex heaven for tourists: How to fuck a Thai girl

Upon arrival at the resort of Thailand, the tourist has the impression that 90% of the local population is just prostitutes. This is not true. In fact, in the intimate sphere ‘works’ only 0.02%, just the demand for their services is in the resorts. Where there is demand, there is supply. So Thailand has earned a reputation as the; capital of sex tourism,’ although you won’t believe it! It prohibits formal prostitution in the country.

The reason for the popularity of this ‘work’ is simple. Girls feed their families. They are from the north, from where work is limited only to agriculture. It is customary for them: duty to parents is sacred.

How do parents perceive this? 

Normal perceives. It’s hard for us to understand, the difference in mentality is so great that several books were even written. Don’t think they consider this profession honorable and respected there, but that the girl does it to help her family has a lot more weight for the Thai mentality than the fact of selling her body!

People come to Thailand not only for carrots but also for girls. However, there will be nowhere for a tourist to even get to know her; they have their bars, discos, and parties.

Sex tourism: tips for beginners

Even if you have full pockets of money, you may be denied intimacy if you behave impudently and unceremoniously.

There is a known case when a drunken tourist (guess which country) grabbed a defiantly dressed girl by the chest and received a heel in his leg in response. It is so much that he had to provide medical help. Everything has its place.

One option to remove a carrot is to go to a Thai massage, which is famous no less than Pussy-show. But there are certain sensitivities. You can ask the girl to continue. Perhaps she will ask if Mr. wants to relax yet, but if you didn’t ask, be prepared because they may refuse you.

In this situation, your intonation and the words you pronounce mean a lot. One feature of the Asian mentality is the preservation of the face. Therefore, if there was no suggestion you better say the neutral ‘I like you,’ rather than ‘let’s go fuck’. And even if you replace fuck with ‘boom-boom’, such a direct offer to the girl is likely to offend, and she will refuse. Yes, imagine! It’s more important for her not to make money, but to observe ‘decency’, and if one is impossible without the other, she will not do it.

It is surprising too many that, speaking half-naked and naked in Go-go bars and at all kinds of sex shows, these same Thai girls dress modestly on the street and do not even allow people to take their hands. Here is such a mixture of depravity and puritanism in one bottle that is not understood for us.

There are also salons were you 100% get the desired continuation. Take a taxi and say ‘password’: Thai massage, many girls, boom-boom. He will bring you where necessary. There you will choose a masseuse who will serve you: first, erotic massage with the girl’s bare soapy body, and then continued for an additional fee.

Pay for everything. Tune in immediately; try to understand that this is not extortion, but the norm.

With Thais, generosity is one option for showing respect and a good attitude. If you moderately bargain with the girl ‘before’ and hint at a tip ‘after’, then the girl is guaranteed to you. You will have to pay a fee to the bar where you rented the girl. You may pay a person fee at the reception of your hotel if you take her to you or 200-400 baht per hour for a room in a bar or the nearest mini-hotel. Well, pay the girl a drink.

Some girls are dancing on the podium; some entertain customers in the hall. The girl comes up to you and asks to treat her with a drink (usually juice, 150-200 baht). Again, this is not extortion, and this is a ‘decent’ way to offer services.

If you are not ready to take the first one but want to ‘see everything,’ then say so- kindly, with a smile, but confidently: Hey, girls, I just coming! I like to see and relax! This must sound like a joke, not a rejection. Usually, girls understand the hint. If the girl continues to insist on sticking to you, then most likely this is … a boy.

What else?

Besides traditional Go-go bars and massage parlors for men, the sex industry in Thailand also offers much non-traditional sex fun. You can go with a girlfriend and take part in a party for swingers; some clubs specialize in this.

You can try threesome sex: you and 2 Thai people, or you and your girlfriend and Thai girl, or you, Thai girl and ladyboys …, but for the right price. It’s better not to look for these options ‘on the street’, but to turn to mamas and (the hostess of the Go-go bar) or a special Internet resource, for example, Devil’s Den ( 

There are BDSM establishments. There are streets for gays. There are services for the disabled. Thailand is truly called the capital of sex tourism for good reason. There is everything for everyone and every taste. But keep in mind that besides sexual pleasures there are also abundant ‘related products’: AIDS, hepatitis, gonorrhea. 

The prices of Thai working girls

There are about 500,000 sex workers in Thailand. Below, I summarize how much they ask for.

Thai go, ladies,

150-220 baht for lady drinks, 500-1,000 baht for bar fine (mostly approx. 600 baht), 2,000-3,000 baht for a quick time, and 3,000-6,000 baht for a long time. The prices for ST and LT are mostly negotiable, but these are the standard prices and if you ask them in the bar, they will probably give you this information.

Thai bar ladies

120-160 baht for lady drinks, 500-600 baht for bar fine, 1,000-2,000 baht for a short time, and 2,000-3,000 baht for a long time. Again, it depends on what you agreed on and if you’re lucky, she’ll even do it for free (but Bar Fine still has to be paid).

Thai blow job girls

The standard price for a blow job in these bars is 700-800 baht. They also often offer sex if you prefer, for around 1,300 baht (including room). The drinks are usually slightly cheaper than in the beer bars, about 100 baht for a beer, and 130 baht for a lady drink.

Thai street prostitute

You can buy one off the street for 500 baht are over. The standard is now 800 Baht upwards for a short time. The standard price for ladies is 1,000 baht for short time and 350 baht for a room in a short time hotel just around the corner.

Thai bar/club freelance girls

It takes 500-2,000 baht for a short time, over 2,000 baht for a long time, and more if you go to more expensive bars and clubs.

Thai massage girls

Depending on the massage, Thai massage 150-300 baht per hour, oil massage 300-400 baht per hour. Happy endings cost 300-500 baht for a handjob, 500-1,000 baht for a blowjob, and 1,000-2,000 baht for sex.

Thai soap massage girls

The prices for soap massage fluctuate extremely: 2,000-2,500 baht are standard in Bangkok and Pattaya, in smaller towns such as Khon Kaen there is a parlor for only 1,500 baht.

Thai ladies from online dating sites

It’s negotiable and depending on the girl 3,000 to 5,000 baht per month, more if she is fair-skinned and prettier.

Thai escort girls

5,000 baht for 2 hours, 7,000 baht for 4 hours, 9,000 baht for 10 hours, and 12,000 baht for 24 hours. The surcharge for anal sex is 2,000 baht (depending on the girl if she offers it).

Thai karaoke girls

Normal prices for drinks (except lad drinks approx. 140 baht) but there are additional costs for the time she is sitting with you, e.g. 150 baht per hour. Not all karaoke bars allow the girls to go to the hotel with the customer before ‘closing time’. If they allow it, it will cost around 1,000-2,000 baht for short time, plus the ‘hourly rate’.

Thai girls in gentlemen’s clubs

Money shouldn’t matter when visiting a G-Club.

Thai tomboy girls

It is 500 baht for bar fine, 1,000-2,000 baht for short / long time.

Thai Mia Nois

10,000 baht per month upwards.

So we will end our article with what we started- do not be fooled by the hypocritical thought ‘you are not in this part’ and you are going to simply sunbathe and swim. The general sexual degree of the Thai coast is such that most likely you will want to explore the ‘main attractions’ of Thailand personally. Therefore, do not forget to pack Miramistin, chlorhexidine, and condoms in a suitcase.

Hope you enjoy our guide- How to fuck a Thai girl -Complete guide including sex price list-Dont forget to share your view with us

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