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How to buy silicone sex dolls online & best way to Maintain

In a world where men seek to live new intimate experiences, the sex industry continues to renew itself to bring to market products that fulfill its most erotic fantasies; such is the case of sex dolls, life-size, and super realistic.

We are going to figure out the first best silicone sex dolls selling sites

They make these sex dolls with high-quality silicone. They look so real, they could be mistaken for an actual person. Even many of the sellers or companies that produce this item warn that after having an intimate encounter, the man may never want a flesh-and-blood bride again.

For the client to be satisfied, the companies that manufacture these sex dolls take care of even the smallest detail, paying attention from the skin to the realism in the eyes.

Likewise, these dolls have a fully articulated skeleton, which allows the client to place her in various positions and thus make the sexual act an experience that asks nothing of reality.

Also, sex dolls have very different prices. These vary depending on the attributes and characteristics that buyers want. As they choose from the color of the eyes or hair to the size of the chest, the clothing.

How do I get a sex doll?

Through the internet, various sites offer the shipping of these dolls, which weight up to 20 kilos and measure up to 1.65 centimeters.


With this Chinese company, the user can consult the prices of the dolls in dollars since the currency used is euros.

As mentioned above, the prices of the sex dolls will depend on the taste and economy of the client. To buy one through AliExpress it is necessary to open an account with email and password. Then choose the item of preference in the search engine on the site.

Every time the desired doll was found, the price range can be settled through a bank card, PayPal, Webmoney, or transfer. Once payment is confirmed, the product arrives from between seven to 30 days.


This sex doll store offers hundreds of products to please its customers. When entering the site the user can choose the size and characteristics of the doll, whose prices are in euros, but this does not prevent them from being shipped to various countries.  These dolls cost from one thousand to two thousand euros, which you can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Regarding production, 24buydoll specifies that the time goes from twelve to fifteen days before the item leaves the factory, while the shipping time can take up to three weeks. However, all this process is notified to the user through email until the doll reaches the doors of their home.

One advantage of buying sex dolls on this site is that the prices already include transport and all taxes. It gives greater confidence to the client so they are not surprised by another type of surcharge.


Although to obtain more detailed dolls the prices are handled in dollars and euros; range from 76 to 2,000 euros, Amazon specifies that upon completing the order. The price will automatically be displayed in the customer’s currency on the details page.

Likewise, Amazon refers that the user will be able to make the payment in the currency of their card, being that the exchange rate is shown below the total order at the time of purchase.

Instructions for use and maintenance of sex dolls


All materials used are harmless to humans and environmentally friendly. The skeleton is very well articulated and this allows the doll to adopt very realistic positions. With a little imagination, she can seem very human. Although for greater durability, do not place the wrist in a posture where the skin is too stretched for a long time.

We recommend that you do not hold the wrist upright unless you purchased it with the ‘stand upright’ option. After use, return the wrist to its original position, arms down and hands in the natural position.


Several support points were joined during the injection process. Therefore, there will be some small filler to these imperfections or micro-holes that are not classified as manufacturing defects.


Sex can be done with or without a condom. The anal opening is usually not sealed, so we recommend the use of a condom to prevent liquids from reaching the skeleton.

We recommend full lubrication if a condom is used to prevent breakage. In some cases, the user of the doll has reported irritation of the skin of the penis when having sex without a condom.

For sexual use of your wrist, only water-based lubricant is advised. Silicone-based lubricants could damage TPE.


When not in use, we can store the doll in the original cardboard box or flight case, preferably in a rather dry place, neither too cold nor too hot. TPE can deform at temperatures of 50-55 degrees Celsius.

To protect the doll during storage, use soft, non-staining materials. Soft blankets and foam mattresses are among the most popular and recommended materials. If we use the foam, it is advisable to leave a space for the buttocks and possibly the breasts, to avoid the risk of flattening them.


Take special care with the clothes you put on the doll. Some garments could produce stains on the skin for the discoloration of the garment, humidity, temperature, or a wrong dye of the garment. This is out of correct use. We can remove stains with the TPE stain remover.


We can clean dust and dirt with normal antibacterial laundry detergent. Gently clean and be careful with nails and rough materials that may affect or scratch the surface. We can bathe the doll in the bath as long as it does not submerge the head. Water could seep through the junction of the head and body.

When drying the doll, do it carefully. Once it is dry, apply a little talcum powder. In this way, the doll should look as if it were new and will stay the same for long. We highly recommend regular maintenance of your wrist.


The vaginal, anal, and oral holes in the wrist need to be cleaned after each used to prevent the growth of bacteria. If we fix the vagina, use the supplied vaginal irrigator with antibacterial soap. After the hole is clean, rinse we have removed the canal with water. Dry the channel well.

If the vagina is removable, we can wash it under running water and antibacterial soap.

To dry the holes, we recommend using tampons. After the cavity is dry, use 3% hydrogen peroxide to disinfect it. Spray a little in a tampon and leave it inside for half an hour. Never use alcohol to disinfect as it leaves the TPE too dry.


Regularly sprinkle your wrist with talcum powder or cornstarch to prevent the skin from becoming a little sticky.

To extend the life of your wrist besides frequent washing, TPE can be treated with mineral oils. Apply baby oil to the entire body once a month to restore the original flexibility and elasticity of the material. It absorbs this in 30-60 minutes. In areas that are frequently stretched or lengthened, such as the pubic area and underarms, use Vaseline or Nivea cream once a week. Such additional lubrication will reduce the risk of cuts and lacerations in these more sensitive areas.

Never use alcohol to clean or treat the wrist. Alcohol dries TPE/silicone too much, potentially increasing the risk of lacerations.


We can heat love dolls with an electric blanket. We recommend it to keep the temperature of the TPE always below 60 degrees Celsius, to avoid overheating of the material. We can heat the holes with the USB sex toy heater tube found in your package. We must insert the tube with the wrist with the legs closed. Leave the tube inside the hole for only 2-3 minutes to avoid TPE damage due to overheating.


If the surface is scratched or cut, you can try to repair it using a special solvent for TPE. Attention: it is a dangerous material that requires great care in handling.

We can remove stains on the TPE with the TPE stain remover. If you have questions regarding technical aspects or the correct maintenance of the sex doll, please comment on us for further help.

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