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How to Buy Japanese sex dolls online

Websites to buy Japanese sex dolls without leaving your house

You don’t have to go to a physical store if you don’t want to. We tell you the best websites to buy Japanese Realistic sex dolls with minimal effort and maximum pleasure.

Buying a Japanese sex doll is like buying a car. Analyze many things such as color, engine power, size, and how much it complements your personality.

If you do not enjoy entering erotic shops- here, we recommend some online sites where you can buy Japanese sex dolls.


The king of online sales could not be left behind. If you want a Japanese sex doll that comes quickly and discreetly to your home, then this is a pleasant option.

Do not forget to check the reviews. Besides being fun are also useful to know how your choice of the toy has worked for other people.

Silicon Wives

This erotic online store is a great option to buy any sexual product for Europeans. They have from clitoris suckers to lubricants of distinct flavors and Japanese sex dolls. They even have kits that include various products included. We can’t do it with such magic!

Ok Sex Doll

A perfect site if you are looking for something elegant and fun like Japanese sex dolls. Its toys have 6 different levels of intensity, silent mode, and are waterproof. The descriptions on their page help you know which products are best for beginner and advanced levels.


Their minimalist and colorful designs have us completely in love. Do you want to buy Japanese sex dolls without the world knowing? AliExpress ensures they deliver it in discreet packaging to the comfort of your home.

We highly recommend this site to buy Japanese sex dolls.

You probably think on this site when you need to buy a piece of furniture for your room or a new set of sheets, but on a sexy level, they also have a lot to offer.

Within its variety of sex toys, you can find Japanese sex dolls, vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, whips, condoms, gags, and harnesses at affordable prices.

How to buy Japanese sex dolls online

It encourages more and more couples to use Japanese sex dolls to explore and live new experiences of pleasure. Many still face the taboo or embarrassment of going to a sex shop and purchasing some of these products. It sometimes prevents them from deciding to venture. But even the shyest people have a choice in the anonymous world of the internet, that’s why we give you some clues so you know how to buy Japanese sex dolls online.

Buying Japanese sex dolls online offers several advantages to couples who can count on anonymity. It usually increases the desire to experiment with new things that they might be ashamed of in public. The current options are varied and interesting and come directly to your front door. It’s worth cheering up.

Buy Japanese sex dolls correctly

Are you wanted to buy your very own Japanese sex doll? We well know it that every beginning is difficult. The large selection of original models may seem a little overwhelming at first glance. To make it easier for you to find your new Japanese sex doll, we have some advice for you that will help you.

Why buy an expensive Japanese sex doll?

Perhaps you are still not sure why buy a Japanese sex doll. These dolls are often not cheap. But look at it from another side. With a lifelike love doll, you get a great product that can offer you much more than a conventional sex toy. A Japanese sex doll is a complete package, of which not only you have something alone but also with other people you can have a lot of fun. A Japanese sex doll is worth its price in every way because you are ultimately investing the money in yourself and your love life.

What needs to be considered when buying a love doll?

So you have ordered a Japanese sex doll and are now looking for the right model for you. Before doing so, you should make sure that the company you want to order from is also trustworthy. You can check this by looking for a seal of trust. These seals confirm that you have ended up with a reputable company. But customer reviews can also give you an excellent overview and help you make your decision.

If you have found a reputable company, you can find out more about the Japanese sex dolls offered by the respective company. The most important thing is to inform you about the material used in the manufacture of the dolls. When manufacturing high-quality Japanese sex doll, silicone and premium TPE are mostly used. Silicone is more expensive to manufacture, which also means a higher price. However, this material is denser and therefore more durable. Premium TPE, thermoplastic elastomers, an unknown plastic, is cheaper and feels even more like real human skin. Everyone has to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the respective materials for themselves.

So how do I buy the right Japanese sex doll?

It’s not that difficult to know what to look out for. A reputable seller offers you various options to convince yourself of the trustworthiness of his company. Keep an eye out for seals of approval and find out about the dealer through customer reviews. If you follow these tips, you really can’t go wrong buying your new Japanese sex doll.

Unpack your new Japanese sex doll

This day is finally here! We think you have to wait a while. The first Japanese sex doll.

When you see a vast box on the entrance, you can hardly limit your emotions. You have barely noticed the deliverer and you shiver with excitement when you sign the package. All your thoughts are on the box. What a wonderful time to wait. What’s in the package? Please don’t be too excited and take quick action. Before you sign your Japanese sex doll, you need to check how many items there are and whether they all meet your requirements. Then you have to carefully unpack it and assemble it correctly.

To properly unpack and assemble a Japanese sex doll, please follow the steps below to work properly.

Step 1: Carefully carry the package home with plenty of floor space.

One thing that surprised many people when they first got their sex dolls was how heavy the package was. Most full-sized dolls weigh between 50 and 70 pounds, plus the weight of the box and all items! When you arrive, your packaged doll can weigh 80 pounds. If you live in a one-story building, you need the help of a best friend or you can ask the deliverer for help. However, this may require a small fee.

Finding a brilliant piece is a good place to open the packaging because you have to carefully move all of the doll accessories.

Step 2: Open the packaging along the seam with scissors, knife, etc.

When the package is placed on the floor of the room you chose, cut the tape along the top edge of the box to open it. Be careful not to damage your preferred sexual partner as the knife is too deep. Carefully open the doll’s plastic bag.

Step 3: clean your hands!

Now your new sex doll is ready to come out of her fresh box. You don’t want your dirty hands or marks to smear their original skin. Wash your hands thoroughly before you touch the doll to avoid dirt on your smooth skin…

Step 4: take off the head of the new doll

Put it on the lap of your sex doll and it will be a foam ball the size of a soccer ball, it will be the head of your new Japanese sex doll. Carefully remove the bubble wrap and pick up the bag head. Place the doll’s head on a clean, soft cloth. Once you have a body, you will come back to it later.

Step 5: Remove all other accessories from the box

Typically, accessories include clothing, some minor items you choose, and detergents. Take these things out of the box and set them aside. It is best to put the doll in a clean bed for assembly.

Step 6: Use scissors to remove the foam from the doll’s body

Be very careful in this step and carefully cut off the plastic. To avoid damage to the doll by mistakes, it is pointed out here that it is easy.

Step 7: Remove the doll from the box with a clean cover and place it on the same bed

Hold the Japanese sex doll gently on the bed so it doesn’t hit a hard object

Step 8: climb on the head of a new doll and wear a wig

Follow the correct procedure, attach the doll’s head to her body, and wear a nice hairpiece. You can also wear sexy dresses for them.

Congratulations on a brand new luxurious Japanese sex doll. I wish you could quickly live a wonderful life and get along.

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