9 Best sites to buy sexy Lingerie in 2020

In today’s world, lingerie becomes more and more popular. The demand is increasing every day. New models and designs of lingerie are coming in the market to meet the demand. They are available in all the world’s best online stores. In today’s article, we will discuss some of the best sites available to buy sexy lingerie.

However, there are some things to keep in mind before buy sexy lingerie online

  • Size selection: In each store, the alphanumeric designations for women’s underwear size may vary. Therefore, pay attention to the table for determining the size of panties or bras available on the site, or clarify this question with a consultant on the store page.
  • Lingerie does not happen much: Try to update it as often as possible. For you to feel confident and not restrict your movements, your wardrobe should have underwear for all occasions: silk and lace sets of erotic lingerie will delight you and your man in an intimate setting; low-rise panties – indispensable if you are wearing a dress with a deep neckline on the back; in a set of knitted fabric you will feel comfortable doing homework; corrective underwear is suitable for smoothing imperfect forms; sports underwear is appropriate for outdoor activities or sports; thermal underwear will warm in the cold season, etc.
  • Before buying a bra, we advise you to pay attention to the choice of the shape of the cups, which can be round and triangular. Decide which shape fits perfectly on your chest.
  • Remember that under translucent white clothes, snow-white underwear does not look aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, we recommend that under a white shirt; for example, wear a flesh-colored bra that will not stand out on the body and save a white set for a special occasion.
  • For owners of a chic big chest, bras with a wide strap should be selected, and for medium and small ones with a narrow bra.
  • Slender and slender girls will suit almost all models of panties, but for owners of curvaceous, it is better to buy panties with an oversized fit to visually tighten the stomach.
  • For sensitive skin, we recommend it to choose underwear made from natural fabrics.
  • And the most important! You should not save money and choose underwear from the cheapest, quickly shedding, and low-quality materials. Remember that the choice of linen is not only the foundation of image and self-confidence. The health of a woman also depends on this little thing. Therefore, linen should be of top quality!
  • And now for the fun part! Right now you can familiarize yourself with the catalogs of sites of the best online stores of women’s underwear.


Journelle is an online store specializing in women’s clothing. You can buy beautiful underwear for famous brands, a wide range of goods, from fasteners and clips to corsets and erotic lingerie. The site features over 1000 models of underwear. You will find everything you need to feel a welcome and self-confident woman.

It is easy and quick to choose the right thing, due to a convenient catalog. The pricing policy is the most diverse: From expensive packages to budget options.


Cosabella is a well-known company that has been manufacturing underwear for women for many years. We here make the advantages of the products from the best fabrics.

There is a convenient search on the site. You can order the presented models of bras. We recommend panties to buy based on the model (thong, shorts, and slips). They divide nightwear on the site into pajamas, nightgowns, bathrobes, T-shirts, overalls, socks. Also on the site, you can buy stocking belts and corsets.

·         The linen does not rub, because of the special processing of nodes and parts. Linen does not fade, does not cause allergies.

·         Every month, the collection of underwear on the site is updated, so the most super-fashionable offers for bright and luxurious women are presented here.

·         Reasonable prices.

·         Payment for good occurs in any convenient way without withdrawing funds for a commission.

·         If your favorite set or separate linen proposed on the website does not have your size, you can send your measurements by which you will individually sew linen.

·         Free hotline and free courier service.

·         When ordering a certain amount, there is a free home delivery service.

·         Responsive service.


Aerie is an apparel brand for American Eagle. You can buy the whole family stuff on the website! Women can buy clothes of their choice from a tremendous collection. Here you’ll find a wide range of underwear, such as panties, erotic lingerie, and sets.

·         Brand underwear.

·         Delivery to the USA.

·         High-quality material from velvet, guipure, lace, knitwear, cotton, and wool.

·         Beautiful women’s lace underwear is in great demand on the site; here you can buy a lace bodysuit, corset, or lace set.

·         Free delivery, when ordering underwear for a certain amount.

·         When paying for goods on the site- a discount!

Adore Me

Adore Me- USA online store of stylish women’s clothing. Thanks to experienced stylists, having tinted a certain amount, you can choose your style- while saving your time.

·         A tiny assortment of underwear.

·         Fast delivery within 2-3 working days.

·         The ability to return a product from the Underwear category if it does not fit.

·         The goods are top quality.

·         The buyer makes payment in any way convenient for him.

·         Free delivery of women’s underwear.


On this site, you can buy the best underwear from the best world brands! Here you will find:

·         A wide range of products. In this online store, you can buy bras, corsets, nighties, stocking belts, underpants.

·         On the site, you can buy women’s underwear of large sizes.

·         Use of frequent promotions and discounts on women’s underwear.

·         Free delivery!

·         The opportunity to try on underwear.

·         Return of underwear because of the online store.

Tommy John

On the official Tommy John website, you can buy seductive peignoirs, light underwear sets, pajamas, and silk overalls. This company is a brand, so lingerie is unique here!

·         A grid for determining the right size of underwear under each item.

·         Making high-quality items.

·         Low pricing.

·         Free hotline.

·         Top level of service.

Nasty Gal

The variety of women’s underwear on this site does not go off the scale. However, there is plenty to choose from!

Prices for underwear will pleasantly surprise. We can note that the site presents the most inexpensive types of lingerie.

·         Famous Brands

·         You can choose the right size, desired color, and material.

·         The site has many articles with useful information on choosing women’s underwear and more.

Boux Avenue

The site specializes in selling tights, stockings, and lingerie. In this online store, you can buy both luxury women’s underwear and inexpensive budget options.

Here you can buy erotic lingerie with additional accessories, corset bras with lace panties, and swimwear.

On the website, you can buy the linen from well-known manufacturers that make quality products.

·         24-hour customer service.

·         Timely free delivery.

·         Great discounts for regular customers!

·         The presence of bonuses.

·         Payment upon receipt in cash or electronically.


Lovehoney is a trading platform. Here you will find linen of different quality and price categories. Underwear in the Lovehoney online store can be bought inexpensively. Surely you will pick up on this site the exact set of underwear you always dreamed about!

·         Constant discounts apply.

·         The possibility of buying underwear wholesale!

·         On Lovehoney, you can use the filter to find offers from companies or to choose lingerie products from individuals. By default, it shows both types of offers in the catalog.

·         High site rating and level of service.

·         Quick checkout.

We hope that our tips on choosing women’s underwear online and reviews of the top best online stores where you can buy this product were useful! Share this information on your social pages and do not forget to comment so as not to miss anything useful!

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