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Best sex toys online to gift your partner

Woody Allen rightly said, “The difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension and love causes it”. Sex is the performance of love and when it comes to performing the act of love, there is no room for shame. 

Sex has multiple health benefits like relieving stress, better immune, good sleep, and loads of happy hormones. And these happy hormones are released even more when it’s done with a partner or partners if you know what I mean. 

A great sesh of lovemaking can get even better with some sex toys. Buying sex toys online has become a trend in this digital age. Besides, gifting sex toys are becoming more and more popular among new-age couples as traditional flowers and chocolates have grown to be outdated. Here’s a list of all the options you should consider before buying sex toys online for your partner: 

Sex toys for him 

1. Fleshlight – Fleshlight is one of the most popular and 

loved sex toys for men. It is made from a soft material 

that can give your partner a personal feeling. It feels 

realistic, pleasurable and comes in a variety of shapes 

and sizes to give you the ultimate feeling of satisfaction. It 

can prove to be the best sex toy gift for your partner. 

2. Rings – These rings are compact but efficacious in getting 

the job done. This vibrating ring is placed on the base of the penis to help your partners reach their ultimate climax. It will help in getting things started, boost confidence and make sex last longer. 

3. Prostate massager – This game-changing sex toy for men will unlock new realms of pleasure for your partner. This underestimated sex toy is designed to stimulate every part of your genitalia. With its vibrating frame, it is specifically designed to hit just the right spots. These toys are made from high-quality silicone and are remote controlled to give your partner the best orgasm. 

4. Masturbation Sleeve – This sex toy is best for some alone time. The masturbation sleeve or penis sleeve intends to give your partner the pleasure they deserve. It also helps in increasing the length and girth of the penis which is an added bonus. This sex toy for men comes in various sizes and materials to choose from. 

Sex toys for her 

1. Vibrators – The popularity and effectiveness 

of vibrators for women are not unheard of. 

These vibrating sex toys have become the 

most gifted product of all time. The large 

variety of shapes, settings, colors, and 

materials has made this a perfect gift for

your female partners. It can be used in multiple ways to help your partner reach the ultimate climax. 

2. Dildos – The most popular sex toy in India is Dildo which is a non-vibrating sex toy for women. It comes in the shape of a penis that is made from realistic materials to get your girl all worked up. These penis replicas come in a variation of sizes and materials that will hit the G-spot just right. 

3. Clitoris Stimulators – You might not be able to find this heavenly spot but these simulators are designed just for this purpose. Clitoral stimulation works for 90% of women and these massagers have proven to elevate your sexual experience. The vibrations from this sex toy will spur up your sex life and make your girl go “wow”. 

4. Strapons – For all the lesbian couples out there who love to explore their sexuality, Strapons are the best sex toy to spice up things in the bedroom. Its incredibly soft shaft made with textured material will make your sex life much better. With the ability to make your partner feel giddy, Strapons make an excellent gift choice. 

Bonus tip: Living in a long-distance relationship? Gift your partner a remote-controlled vibrator that be controlled with your phone to keep your sex life active and exciting while being away from each other. Gifting chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears will never get you laid! Try gifting sex toys to take your relationship to another level. Buying sex toys online in India has been made much more efficient by prioritizing discreetness and contactless deliveries. So what are you waiting for?

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