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14 Best sex movies ever made in the history

The journey of an adult romantic movie started from the very beginning of filmmaking. Many adult movies have been made since the 40s. The list of these movies is huge. However, in today’s article, we will discuss some adult movies that have taken place in the minds of the viewers.

One thing is certain: sex sells. Sex is an inexhaustible engine. Let’s go with some of our favorite erotic movies.

Here are the best sex movies of all time

Malena 2000

In Italy in the 1940s, 13-year-old Renato (Giuseppe Sulfaro) fell in love with the beautiful daughter of his hard-to-hear math teacher. But there is a considerable age difference between the two and the adored knows nothing about Renato’s passion towards her. Through a misunderstanding, Malèna (Monica Bellucci) then one day receives the false news of the death of her husband, who is said to have died in the war.

She withdraws more and more and becomes lonely, which causes rumors among the people in the village. So the widowed woman is hostile, insulted as a whore, and chased out of the city. When Malèna’s husband returns alive from captivity, only Renato can help him find his pretty wife.

Body Heat 1981

The lawyer Ned Racine (William Hurt) enjoys the women. For him, it is out of the question to be content with a love affair until he meets Matty Walker (Kathleen Turner), the wife of the wealthy Edmund Walker (Richard Crenna).

For Ned, it could be the ticket to a carefree life in prosperity. The way to get there is via Edmund’s body since Matty will inherit half of the estate in the event of his death.

For Ned, ​​getting Edmund to the afterlife sounds like an excellent plan. So he sets about implementing the murder plot, which seems to go off without a hitch. But then suddenly there is evidence that threatens him so that the beautiful plan threatens to collapse. Now Ned has to sweep up the pieces again.

Naked Weapon 2002

A mysterious organization, led by the no less mysterious Madame M (Almen Wong Pui-Ha), kidnaps rows of young girls to drill them into deadly fighting machines in a secret training camp. CIA agent Jack Chen (Daniel Wu) pursues the case for years until he has to give up unsuccessfully and with no trace.

But when there is a series of unsettled contract murders, Jack immediately suspects: Madame M has reappeared on the scene. It released three of the best killers in her organization. Charlene (Maggie Q), Katt (Anya), and Jing (Jewel Lee) are to take on special orders for Madame M. But when Charlene meets her mother by accident, she doubts her loyalty, which was achieved through brainwashing.

The Boy Next Door 2015

A few months after the divorce from her husband Garrett (John Corbett), the single mother of her forties and teacher Claire (Jennifer Lopez) is still visibly taken away. The attractive Noah (Ryan Guzman) offers a brief sexual distraction: In a weak, Claire engages in a one-night stand with her significantly younger neighbor.

For them, the thing was a unique adventure, but Noah sees it differently and soon turns out to be a stalker. He is pushing more and more into Claire’s life. He not only befriends her son Kevin (Ian Nelson) but also ambushes her in her school and presses her there. Claire realizes that she has made a huge mistake as Noah’s obsession is becoming increasingly menacing.

Body Double 1984

Jake Scully (Craig Wasson), a young unemployed actor, moves into the extravagant house of a friend of his friend Sam Bouchard (Gregg Henry). The owner of the home has just left and his girlfriend has thrown Jake out of her apartment. Sam shows his friend the great view that can be enjoyed through a telescope.

At a specific time of day, neighbor Gloria Revelle (Deborah Shelton) always undresses in front of her window without the curtains drawn. Jake is constantly watching her and one day has to watch Gloria being killed without being able to prevent it. But soon doubts arise about what he saw and what happened.

The Dreamers 2003

Direction: Bernardo Bertolucci

Starring: Michael Pitt, Louis Garrel, Eva Green

The young American Matthew (Michael Pitt) comes to Paris from San Diego in the revolutionary summer of 1968. At a demonstration for Henri Langlois, the recently dismissed director of the Cinémathèque Française, he meets the twins Isabelle (Eva Green) and Theo (Louis Garrel). They come from an artistic family of intellectuals.

A close friendship quickly developed between the three passionate cinema lovers. The sibling’s quarter Matthew with them while the parents (Robin Renucci) and (Anna Chancellor) are traveling. The three young people are increasingly satisfied with themselves; soon they will no longer leave the spacious apartment. With wine, sex, and lively discussions, they are increasingly lost to the world- before it breaks the cocoon of the trio.

La Belle Noiseuse 1991

Direction: Jacques Rivette

Cast: Michel Piccoli, Emmanuelle Béart, Jane Birkin, David Burzstein

The aging painter Edouard Frenhofer (Michel Piccoli) has long since given up his passion for artistic activity. He still has a lot in common with his wife Liz (Jane Birkin), but the fire is no longer there. That is why Frenhofer did not continue to paint a portrait of his wife.

The unfinished picture stands around when a young admirer (David Bursztein) of his art shows up at Frenhofer with his girlfriend Marianne (Emmanuelle Béart). The painter feels inspired by Marianne to take up the fragment again. He asks the young woman to act as a model for him. Marianne agrees and poses naked for Frenhofer. An increasing tension develops between the two, the consequences of which can hardly be controlled.

Caligula 1979

The atrocities and orgies of the megalomaniac Roman emperor Caligula (Malcolm McDowell) as a material for a lavish, speculative moral painting full of sex, violence, and sadism. Caligula seized power in ancient Rome by murdering his predecessor Tiberius (Peter O’Toole).

Caligula shows the moral standards of his future reign as soon as he gets into the chair: his sister Julia Drusilla (Teresa Ann Savoy) becomes his lover. But that’s still not enough. Under Caligula, decadence blooms in unimagined intensity. Besides, the emperor tends to uncontrolled acts of violence, which he exercises arbitrarily. His immediate surroundings and his subjects suffer from the increasingly out-of-control Caligula.

Night Moves 1975

Mixing eroticism and Nazism was having all the ballots to cause a considerable scandal. And that was what this legendary film by the Italian Liliana Cavani achieved.

The film tells the story of a former Nazi criminal (Dirk Bogarde). He lives hidden with another identity and works as a night porter in a hotel in Switzerland. Because of fate, he will stay one of his former victims (Charlotte Rampling). Both will live a markedly masochistic relationship.

The beast 1975

Any film by the Polish Walerian Borowczyk could appear on this list worse, probably, this is his best-known work. It is a very free version of the legend of the Beast of Gevaudan, a creature that in eighteenth-century France murdered several dozen young men.

The story here gains a marked erotic and surreal tint that becomes puzzling. The plans of the phallus of the lucky beast will never be forgotten.

In the Realm of the Senses 1976

Probably the peak work of the genre, directed by the Japanese Nagisa Oshima. It tells the story of two lovers sick with passion, who carry their desire to the end, reaching the erotic climax with the death and mutilation of the man.

It is a disturbing film, which keeps its ability to provoke intact despite the passing of the years.

9½ Weeks 1986

This is one of the mythical titles of the 80s. The story is a sadomasochistic relationship between a yuppie and a beautiful woman.

Its video clip aesthetics, its soundtrack, and the beauty of its protagonists (Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger) captivated an entire generation.

The last tango in Paris 1973

It would be unfair to reduce this Bernardo Bertolucci masterpiece to the category of an erotic film, but his high-voltage sexual scenes were undoubtedly the key to his great public success.

But the film is much more. It is a kind of treatise on human loneliness, which takes as references, two occasional lovers. They do not even get to know their respective names.

Emmanuelle 1973

Emmanuelle is another movie that became a myth. At the time it was the paradigm of what was considered eroticism with excellent taste. It is a film with very careful photography and a prodigious soundtrack. Still, we will always have the beauty of Sylvia Kristel and the spectacular Thai scenes. This film was also the one that made the fantasy of having sex on an airplane fashionable.

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