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21 Best selling sex toys 2020

After the premiere of the movie Fifty Shades of Gray, there was a boom in the sale of sex toys. Online retail services like Amazon have helped a lot in its marketing, as the varied offer and anonymity have boosted sales.

The sex toy industry has grown in recent years at a sped-up rate. It is estimated that between 2019 and 2026 its valuation goes from $28.6 to $52.7 billion. Best selling sex toys are touch record sales in 2020

Its multimillion-dollar earnings are reflected in all the jobs that the industry is generating.

For example, one of the largest companies in this segment, Doc Johnson, has directly employed over 500 people at its 23,225-square-meter complex located in the San Fernando Valley, California.

Doc Johnson employees create mold, package, and ship some 75,000 products per week. The company has presented over 2,500 different objects, with an average of one hundred novelties for adults per year.

According to The New York Times, the so-called ‘dildo industry’ is currently valued at more than $15 billion.

Therefore, online retail companies have benefited from increased sales of these products, which are easy to pack and ship to all regions of the world that cover their long commercial tentacles.

Therefore, below we will present you a ranking with the best selling sex toys in 2020

Satisfyer Pro 2

Price: $44.17

The only thing you have to do to enjoy this sex toy is to place the mouthpiece of your clitoris and the magical Satisfyer will stimulate it with vibratory waves without having to touch it.

The magic of this toy has positioned it as one favorite of Amazon customers around the world.

Shibari Mini Halo

Price: $27.95

It is a rechargeable mini vibrator with 20 different vibrating patterns and eight speeds.

The Shibari has a long-lasting battery. We recommend purchasing two so you never stay in the middle of your pleasant vibrating session.

Girl’s best friend

Price: $50

This Girl’s Best Friend is a fairly popular waterproof sex toy. It integrates two devices in one.

At one end is a clitoral stimulator that mimics oral sex. At the other is a classic dildo. The manufacturing company offers a lifetime warranty.

We-Vibe Tango

Price: $74

We-Vibe Tango is a high-quality, waterproof, wireless, rechargeable mini-vibrator. It has eight programmable vibration modes and a low power indicator. You’ll never find it downloaded. Its operation is silent, but without affecting its power.


Price: $23

The Icicles is a beautiful blown glass dildo. It could well be mistaken for a modern work of art.

According to some Amazon customers, the packaging is minimalist. The dildo can be used vaginally or anally. Some point out that the shape and lumps of glass cause an incredible feeling.


Price: $99

The LELO NEA 2 is a clitoral massager. It comes preconfigured with eight stimulation modes.

Amazon customers have appreciated its size as they consider it mobile. They also said that it has a long-lasting battery. It can take passion nights with your partner to another level.

Mega Ass Anchor

Price: $20

If the traditional butt plug no longer gives you the pleasure, you need or you want to experiment with another type of sex toy specifically designed for anal use. With this anchor you will perceive a new intensity.

It is a modified butt plug to which two soft tips have been added. Fold when inserting but, once inside, they will open.

In the words of an Amazon customer:

‘This is a very fun toy. Inserting it reminds me a bit of trying to hold on to a catfish, but that’s the nature of this thing. Once inside, it gives you the feeling of a very large dildo without the tissues tensing until they almost break. I was afraid that the extraction would be difficult, but it slipped like a wet eel.’

The Juliet quartz pleasure wand

Price: $149

It is created by sexologist, coach, and fervent practitioner of tantra Juliet Allen. This dildo is made of real rose quartz and is sublime. We almost want to leave it lying around! According to the expert, it is designed to increase your sexual energy, your love of yourself, and your pleasure in solo, besides connecting to your true sexual essence.

The Lily vibrator

Price: $62

We recommend it- a little joke! – Eco-sexual… but this little gem is for everyone! It differs from other vibrators in its shape, which looks like nothing like a genital organ.  The central part is solid and vibrates, causing the ‘petal’ to waver. Fresh sensations that promise!

The Gaia biodegradable vibrator

Price: $9

Who says you can’t be green… right between the p**y? With this little toy, it’s now possible. Made of eco-plastic, this powerful vibrator is fully biodegradable and recyclable. And at this price, how to refuse?

Sonic masseur Sona de Lelo

Price: $69

This clitoral massager uses pulses and sonic waves. To stimulate the entire clitoris- not just the visible part! The comments are unanimous: it’s a must! Some women speak of a real revolution. It makes you want to try…

The Jollet polka dot vibrating dildo

Price: $98

This dildo is not designed according to the shape of a penis, but according to the shape of the inside of the vaginal canal. Unique in its genre! Infirm silicone, just insert it into the vagina and leave it in place during other stimulations, solo or duo. Adorable and… intriguing!

The Iroha Zen Matcha vibrator

Price: $35

This vibrator is designed for you … literally. They make it to look like a frothier for matcha, and even its color recalls the famous Japanese tea! It is easy to handle, soft, and fabulously textured. Is it tea time soon?

Satisfyer anal plugs

Price: $17 for all three.

Is it us, or do these toys remind us of unicorns, cotton candy, seashells? They are cute and perfect for those who want to gently discover the pleasure of anal sex. The three plugs are soft and malleable for more comfort and safe exploration.

The Eva II handless vibrator

Price: $130

Developed by two women, this little treasure allows you to stimulate your clitoris… without hands! You put it in place. It’s held between your big lips. It does all the work for you, while you take care of your pleasure, that of your partner, or both!

Form 5 vibrators by Jimmy Jane

Price: $145

They design this vibrator for everyone! It can stimulate a clitoris, a vagina, a penis, and many other parts of the body. It is called ‘the most versatile vibrator ever invented’. The central part, the dome, vibrates intensely, and oscillates the ‘wings’ on the top. Hours of discovery and fun in sight!

The Flex sleeve by Tenga

Price: $41

This masturbator for the penis could not be more design and effective! Textured in a spiral shape, it promises magnificent sensations, whether used solo or with the help of a partner. Twist, turn, press… It’s your turn!

G-spot Finger Vibrator

Price: $12

Small but very effective! The finger dildo attachment with bullet vibrator from Enlove is ideal for stimulating sensitive areas such as the G-spot, vagina, vulva, clitoris, anal area, and breast. The sex toy is super light and quiet, making it perfect for on the go. It is waterproof, latex-free and does not irritate skin.

Dulexo Sex Cushion Wedge Ramp

Price: $21

Position changes are even easier and more convenient with the lumbar cushion from Dulexo! The relaxed position enables even deeper penetration with more intense orgasms. The integrated valve allows the air pressure to be adjusted to individual preferences. The velvety surface adapts perfectly to the body shape and feels very pleasant on the skin.

Couples Vibrator with Dual Motors

Price: $21

The 100% waterproof couple vibrator from Enlove stimulates the clitoris and G-spot in women, the testicles and penis in men, but can also be used anal. The flexible toy has ten different vibration frequencies and adapts to any position thanks to the flexible material. Body-friendly silicone not only feels good, but is also very easy to clean. If it does not satisfy you, you can exchange the device for free.

Hot Dreams Bondage Sex Toys for Couples

Price: $31

Would you like a new, addicting adventure like in the movie Fifty Shades of Gray? Then the bondage set from Hot Dreams could be just the thing for you. It comes in a noble packaging and consists of a whip, rope, blindfold and various fetters made of synthetic leather. According to many customer reviews, the set is suitable for both beginners and experienced bondage professionals.

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